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Conscious Cocktails is a cheeky and delicious celebration of balance. This 200-page coffee table style recipe book will show you that ‘healthy fun’ does not have to be an oxymoron.


Health and wellness is on the forefront of everyone’s mind, with a positive shift in awareness and healthy choices but for some reason that hasn’t translated to the drinks we enjoy. During the week we are all about green juice, kale and yoga, yet when the sun sets on Friday everything goes out the window and we reach for the sugary cocktails - as if alcohol falls under different rules? This makes no sense at all! This is why you need Conscious Cocktails.


Conscious Cocktails recipes will inspire you to make the tastiest and most original cocktails possible, completely re-imagining some of the classics as well as some absolute flavour curve balls to blow your mind and challenge the status quo. We have taken out the nasties and replaced them with nutritious and delicious ingredients and superfoods that offer a genuine medicinal boost.


Coffee table style, hard copy book.

'Conscious Cocktails' Book

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