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Personalised Health Coaching

by Shannon Rosie

Health Coaching offers support, guidance and teamwork to transform your body and mind to a new level of wellness and vitality you never even dreamed possible.


We work together to get to the bottom of your presenting complaints whilst improving your general health, wellbeing and most importantly - vitality! Because wellness is about much more than just the absence of illness.


Between our formal sessions you are encouraged to message / voice note me with what comes up for you during this healing journey. I will be available to you for support throughout the journey to help accelerate your healing. This may include; addressing any symptoms, changes or concerns, taking photos and analysing products you are using or your portion sizes, daily reminders, motivation, encouragement etc. I believe it is this additional support during your real life day-to-day that is the game changer for both efficient and effective change behind my client's continued sucesses.

My practice uses what I call the  inside out method. Instead of aiming to alleviate symptoms, we focus is on supporting and enhancing your body’s innate ability to heal itself.


When we identify the cause of your symptoms and treat from the inside out, symptoms will fix themselves.​


I view health holistically, looking at each person as on system. If you look at the body like a clock, it is easy to understand how one gear out of place can hinder the whole system from working. I will never treat headaches with painkillers, but instead figure out why someone is suffering with headaches. Dehydration? Stress? Hormones? Allergies? Then, once the cause is identified and treated, ta da - no more headaches!​

Why I do what I do...

​It has been so exciting to see my clients joy and delight as they experience the healing power of this process. There is absolutely no better feeling. With my own eyes I have seen my clients come off medication that they’ve been on for 30 years, debilitating rashes fade away, type II diabetes cured, lifelong digestive distress completely reverse, 20kg+ of weight loss, and have even had clients cry of happiness simply because they never thought they’d feel this good. 

Interested? Let's chat about it.

Remember, theres no such thing as a silly question :)

Smoothie with ingredients

Shannon Rosie is a gifted, qualified practitioner. When I met with her in May 2016, I was overweight, limping around with osteoarthritis in my knees and generally feeling entrapped in my inability to master myself. For over 30 years I’d started and stopped many punishing ridiculous eating and exercise regimes, and with every one of them I was always looking toward the day it would be over and I could go back to normal. Since the moment I left the clinic on the day of my consultation with Shannon, I’ve felt released from a life-long tyranny. During our session Shannon explored, without apparent judgement of me, my consumption and lifestyle history and then caringly explained a different way with food and exercise. Her manner made me feel safe in her hands. She suggested nothing that felt radical and difficult to do for life, it’s just natural and doesn’t feel like imprisonment. It has worked, I’m no longer hobbling around, I’ve lost 11 kilograms and my waist is 19cms smaller. I don’t feel I’m missing out on anything and I’m no longer frightened of myself. I can't recommend Shannon more highly.

- Tass

Healthy Food

- Stef

I have just completed two months of sessions and  have now committed to another month as I am overjoyed with my progress. For the first time ever I feel like I have control over my diet. My cravings are gone, I'm half way to my goal weight, my digestion is normal again with almost no bloating and my anxiety is so much better. Shannon helped me feel supported, seen and heard through my journey.

During my month working with Shannon Rosie my skin cleared up for the first time in years and so far I have lost 5 kgs. Although these were the goals I had wanted they have not been the best part. For the first time ever I feel like I have strength and freedom surrounding my food choices. My hunger does not control me and I have been able to tune in to what my body really does best on instead of forcing myself to eat what I thought at the time was healthy.

- Lauren

Avocado Toast

- A

Working with Shannon is amazingly enlightening. She has so much depth of knowledge and every piece of advice she gives is backed with research and science. As someone who cares deeply about not just the "what" but also the "why," working with her has been eye-opening and educational beyond what I could have ever expected! 

Spinach Salad
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