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Want to learn how deliciously easy it can be to slim down to your ideal body size? 


A lifestyle approach to weight loss. 

Re-frame the way you look at weight.


Say goodbye to dieting & calorie counting. Say hello to nourishment, looking great & feeling even better!


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Shannon Rosie is a gifted, university qualified natural health practitioner. When I met with her in May 2016, I was overweight, limping around with osteoarthritis in my knees and generally feeling entrapped in my inability to master myself. For over 30 years I’d started and stopped many punishing ridiculous eating and exercise regimes, and with every one of them I was always looking toward the day it would be over and I could go back to normal. Since the moment I left the clinic on the day of my consultation with Shannon, I’ve felt released from a life-long tyranny. During our session Shannon explored, without apparent judgement of me, my consumption and lifestyle history and then caringly explained a different way with food and exercise. Her manner made me feel safe in her hands. She suggested nothing that felt radical and difficult to do for life, it’s just natural and doesn’t feel like imprisonment. It has worked, I’m no longer hobbling around, I’ve lost 11 kilograms and my waist is 19cms smaller. I don’t feel I’m missing out on anything and I’m no longer frightened of myself. I cannot recommend Shannon more highly.”


Shannon Rosie is my active Natural Medicine Practitioner and has helped me realize one of the happiest versions of myself. Lighten Up has helped me lose weight but more than that feel happier and healthier in my body.

I signed up to Lighten Up after struggling to lose weight by dieting. I was so confused what information out there was correct as we are constantly being told contradicting things. Lighten Up was extremely informative and made me feel much better and more confident in making healthy choices. After only a week or so I was losing weight, feeling much better and actually not even thinking or stressing about my food at all. 


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